Biden is a good man; don’t leave him high and dry

April 15, 2019

I am fed up with both the media and the Democratic candidates’ response to Joe Biden’s behavior. I will vote for one of them eventually, but am awaiting some truth. Yes, women have been treated as second class covertly and overtly; men have been miserable offenders. But not Joe, these are absurd accusations.

I thought #MeToo was about making women equal in every way with men — in jobs, in power positions, in pay and in deference. A great movement, overdue. But an unintended consequence is that, right now, some are dissembling candidates for the presidency. Afraid of #MeToo; afraid to speak the truth supporting Joe. They equivocate, parsing words, carefully not exonerating Joe, but leaving him high and dry. The forerunner in polls has to accept that the others will try and beat up on him or her. But not this way. It’s just wrong.

Gerald Hotchkiss


Everyone’s weird

I haven’t reacted strongly to the comics page since Doonesbury left weekdays, but I cannot keep quiet about this one. I’ve always tolerated Luann as a mildly amusing portrait of a cross-section of young people. The New Mexican’s April 5 strip was an unpleasant reminder of how bigotry creeps in where you least expect it. Gunther is explaining to Betsy that he lives with a man (Leslie Knox) because “my mom and his uncle are married. I’m NOT a weirdo, honest.” To describe two (presumably gay) men who live together as “weirdos” is unconscionable. I would like to see this not-very funny comic strip discontinued in The New Mexican.

Stephanie Greene

Santa Fe

Going forward

I am distressed that conservative Democratic senators voted with Republicans and declined to repeal an arcane law which bans abortions; much to the chagrin of the governor, the League of Women Voters and myself (“Repeal of outdated abortion law fails,” March 15).

Senators who espouse religious doctrine as an excuse should not hold public office. The senators have chosen the welfare of a fertilized egg over the lives and rights of women. That is misogyny.

You may not be aware of the plight of women pre-Roe v. Wade — procedures by back-door abortionists; self-administered abortions with coat hangers and knitting needles to pierce the uterus; throwing oneself down the stairs. As a result, women died. Due to a conservative U.S. Supreme Court, representatives of red states feel emboldened to challenge Roe v. Wade.

New Mexico cannot move forward if the health and welfare rights of women are impeded. We should join the ranks with progressive states like California, Oregon, etc., not backward red states.

Carol A. Tremblay

Santa Fe

Join the fun

The Mother’s Day Art & Craft Show held by the Santa Fe Woman’s Club last May was so successful that it’s coming back by popular demand and will be held on Sunday, May 5, at the clubhouse, 1616 Old Pecos Trail. This is a free event with free parking and even free gifts for the first 50 customers. Be early. Doors open at 10 a.m. and close at 4 p.m.

You’ll find artists selling handmade, unique paintings, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, baskets, leather, wood and metal crafts and mixed media pieces. There will also be gorgeous potted flowers, delicious food and delightful treats. A portion of the monies goes to grants to aid students at the Santa Fe Community College. Best of all, everyone will have a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself by joining the shoppers.

Celiane Dunetz

volunteer, Santa Fe Woman’s Club

Santa Fe