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Bart Simpson doesn’t REALLY live here. A

September 25, 1997

HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) _ Bart Simpson doesn’t REALLY live here. And so far, no one else does either.

No one has claimed the 27-color replica of ``The Simpsons″ house, a 2,200-square-foot home that was the top prize in a nationwide contest. The winning number was revealed on the season premiere of the Fox show, entitling the winner to the $120,000 house.

``There are 60 million game pieces out there,″ said Anna-Marie Hintgen, a spokeswoman for Kaufman & Broad Home Corp., which teamed with Fox and Pepsi-Cola on the giveaway.

It’s unlikely that everyone with a game piece _ clipped from Pepsi products _ was watching Sunday’s premiere.

Still, if the person holding piece No. 9786065 doesn’t claim the house soon, a winner will be drawn from a pool of raffle forms sent in for chances at other Simpson stuff _ like Bart’s skateboard.


ELYRIA, Ohio (AP) _ One down, eight lives to go for a cat who got banged up during the spin cycle of a washing machine.

A woman who sometimes fed the yellow cat she called Butterscotch said the thinks it is a stray. She had seen the kitty wandering around her apartment complex, which doesn’t allow residents to keep pets.

She found the year-old cat in the machine Monday night and called an animal shelter.

It wasn’t known how long the cat was in the machine or how it got there. The cat had chest injuries and could not stand when it was rescued.

Veterinarian Craig Talbott said the cat suffered a concussion but he expects it to be all right. The cat will be put up for adoption.


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE, Colo. (AP) _ Tom Riffel and Andrea Femino received traffic tickets on the same day, met in court and sentenced themselves to each other for life. They are planning an October wedding.

``This was the only traffic ticket I’d ever received, and it was the best thing that happened in my life,″ Riffel said. ``I thank God every day that I met her. I couldn’t imagine myself without her.″

Riffel said he noticed Femino waiting to talk to a city attorney as he waited to do the same when they both showed up at the courthouse on Sept. 5, 1996.

In the courtroom, he took an aisle seat. He thought about the young woman and decided to move to another seat, hoping she would sit down next to him.

``I walked in and there were plenty of places to sit,″ Femino said. ``It would be pretty forward of me to take that aisle seat next to him. It was a pretty bold move.″

They were engaged on Christmas eve and returned to the Cherry Hills Village Municipal Court on the anniversary of their meeting.

``We wanted to see where we met and thank the Cherry Hills Village police for giving us tickets,″ Riffel said.


HOBBS, N.M. (AP) _ Dolly Johnson’s house was on the auction block when the former mayor heard of her plight and came to her rescue.

Randy Owensby, also a former mortgage banker, promised to pay off her $11,081 mortgage as long as she repays the money at $200 a month. His deed postponed the auction.

Ms. Johnson, who had fallen behind on her mortgage after more than 20 years of steady house payments, said she can’t believe the news. ``It just hasn’t sunk in,″ she said.

Owensby said he read of her plight in a newspaper and was touched.

``Everybody, no matter how wealthy or how poor you are, you go through your slumps and your bad times,″ he said. ``Everyone needs help. No one does it by themselves.″

Ms. Johnson said her son will help her make the payments.

``I think Dolly’s genuine, and I think she’ll pay the note back,″ Owensby said Friday.

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