DALTON, Mass. (AP) _ The Berkshires are bursting with pride since the local high school basketball team won the state championship by knocking off the big boys from the big city who taunted them as ''hicks.''

Wahconah Regional High School in rural western Massachusetts was 20 points behind with less than five minutes remaining Saturday but made a dramatic comeback to defeat Boston Tech 58-57 for the Division II crown.

''It still hasn't really sunk in. We still can't believe it,'' said Timo Norris, a 6-foot-1 senior who came off the bench with 18 seconds left to tie the game with a 10-foot jumper and sink a foul shot for the victory.

''To say we are proud of you would be an understatement,'' Principal B. Jay Becker said Tuesday, hoisting aloft the championship trophy as the school's 700 students gathered in the blue-and-white-decked gymnasium cheered.

''The impossible dream can happen and it did happen,'' Becker said.

Co-captain Brian Demaris said the players were taking a heckling from the fans in Boston, about 100 miles from Dalton.

''They were yelling things like 'hicks,' but that wasn't going to bother us,'' Demaris said. ''The kids from Pittsfield call us hicks,'' he said, referring to the nearby city of 51,000.

For a while it looked like the boys from the country weren't even going to make a respectable showing for the five busloads of fans that followed them to Boston for the big game.

''We suffered a letdown,'' said Boston Tech coach Trudy Fisher. ''I told them to keep up the intensity but they didn't. I have to tip my hat to Wahconah. They did an excellent job coming back.''

The partying hasn't stopped in Washington, population 580, which sent Jim LaPier to the team, or Cummington, population 650, where Norris rides the bus 33 miles one way to school, or Peru, Becket, Windsor, Hinsdale or this town of 7,500, where workers make the paper on which U.S. currency is printed.

The Cummington Volunteer Fire Co. met the team bus at the town line, sirens blaring, on their triumphant return Saturday night. At Windsor, more fire trucks joined the parade and escorted the bus down the mountain to Dalton.

''It was midnight, and we must have had a motorcade 50 cars long,'' said coach Ed Ladley. When the bus reached the American Legion Hall in Dalton, it drove through a paper banner that read ''State High School Basketball Champions.''

''It's a kid's dream,'' Ladley said. ''Something they will remember in these towns for 40 years.''

John Boyle, chairman of the town's Board of Selectmen, said he planned to help set up a celebration for the team, as well as for the school's state champion girls' soccer team.

''We couldn't be prouder,'' Boyle said.

Ladley said he had counseled the team on performing in the face of adversity.

''I told them, 'Don't pay any attention when some guy makes a helicopter dunk in your face,'' he said. ''Life's battles don't always go to the strongest and the quickest, but to those who can believe they can do it.

''The tallest kid on my team is 6-2. They were going up against kids 6-7. But they didn't give up.''