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Medical Examiner Suspects Ex-Chemistry Student A Suicide

June 19, 1986

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A University of Texas student who died of cyanide poisoning last month probably committed suicide, a medical examiner says.

The death of Kenneth Wayne Faries, 24, had been ruled a homicide after cyanide was discovered in capsules of Anacin-3 found in his apartment. However, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration laboratory in Cincinnati concluded that the poison came from a university laboroatory to which he had access.

Faries was a chemistry student at UT in the fall of 1985 but later dropped out, officials said.

″The evidence is very strong he committed suicide,″ Medical Examiner Robert Bayardo said Wednesday.

Bayardo said he made the preliminary ruling of homicide to ensure a full investigation.

″I based the preliminary ruling on previous cyanide deaths. At that time, there was no evidence of personality or school problems,″ said the medical examiner.

He did not elaborate on what personal problems he had uncovered.

″He planned it very well,″ Bayardo said. ″He made it appear to look like a homicide.″

After the death, Anacin-3 capsules were pulled from shelves in many Austin stores, but lab tests on several thousand capsules failed to find any further traces of the poison.

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