Water company to conduct dye test at local facility

April 6, 2019

HUNTINGTON — West Virginia American Water will conduct a dye test on an out-of-service intake pump at its 40th Street operations facility in Huntington on Friday, April 5, according to a company news release.

“This test will be conducted to provide valuable information and data concerning necessary repairs to the intake,” the release said. “Customers will not experience an impact to their water service as a result of the test.”

“The intake pump has been out of service for many years and requires extensive repairs,” West Virginia American Water operations manager Allen Parsley said in the release. “This dye test will allow us to determine areas in need of repair, where water is currently entering the intake and how we can improve the operation of the intake.”

As part of the test, red dye will be introduced into the Ohio River and monitored by a dive team from Divers Unlimited, according to the release.

“The test will occur in the proximity of the company’s 40th Street operations facility and may tint portions of the river red downstream of the facility,” the release said. “Company officials have worked closely with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, ORSANCO and U.S. Coast Guard to ensure the dye poses no health risks and will not impact aquatic life or use of the river.”

In the event of inclement weather or adverse river conditions, the dye test may be postponed until a later date, the release stated.