Letters To The Editor 5/28/2019

May 28, 2019

Hire prison guards

Editor: Numbers can be made to look any way they want.

That’s what Department of Corrections officials did recently in testimony before the state House Judiciary Committee. They testified that the officer-to-inmate ratio in state prisons is five-to-one. This simply isn’t true, because it assumes that all officers work every day, 24 hours a day. Of course, they don’t. The real ratio is about 100 inmates to every officer. In many instances, officers are left alone with 100 or more inmates at a given time. No officer should ever be left alone.

The department must stop skewing statistics and make state prisons safer for our officers. Administrators can start by hiring more officers. Regardless of how many officers we have, the real ratio certainly shows there just aren’t enough.

Lawmakers can help protect our outnumbered officers by passing legislation to provide them with the ability to carry Tasers. Officers do not carry firearms and assaults by inmates can happen in seconds. Officers deserve better options to protect themselves.

To make prisons safer for officers and all employees, inmates who commit assaults must be punished. As the system moves forward in its efforts to release more inmates, crimes against officers and others are being ignored. Prisons must punish inmates according to regulations. They should also place dangerous inmates in restricted housing until behavior improves and restrict access to commissaries.





Disrespect earned

Editor: Annette Corrigan’s view (“Nation reeling,” May 18) confirmed how divided we are as a country.

She said many other presidents had been brash, sarcastic and crude. Former presidents may have been crude, but they believed in the American dream. Have any former presidents blatantly lied to the American people 10,000 times? How can you respect a person who wants to take away your health care and has rolled back regulation to make it convenient for chemical companies to dump waste in our rivers and streams?

He has diminished the United States in the eyes of the world and made enemies of our allies. He deserves no respect. We are in a constitutional crisis and Corrigan thinks we should respect him. President Donald Trump works for one person, Trump.

On another matter, is anyone really “pro-abortion”? The decision to have the procedure is probably the most difficult of a lifetime but demanding that a 12-year-old keep a baby put there by a rapist, or a father or uncle, is unconscionable. Republicans worry about the baby in the womb, but once the baby is born, they would deny it health care and say it’s an entitlement.

Corrigan also should research child molestation by the clergy. She blames homosexuals, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s been proved that pedophiles are usually not homosexuals and to characterize a pedophile as homosexual is a mistake. The Catholic Church has made a mockery of not punishing pedophile priests and they’ve hidden it for too long. Molesting a child is a crime and the molester should be in jail, not transferred to another parish with unsuspecting parishioners.

Corrigan feels that Trump is disrespected. Think back to the Obama presidency. The manner in which President Obama and his family were disrespected was despicable.




Pattern of corruption

Editor: Attorney General William Barr and his fellow Republicans are waging a slow-motion cover-up of President Trump’s multiple alleged crimes.

Their assumption seems to be that if they lie and delay long enough, the American people will grow weary and Trump will get off scot-free. The truth is, the Mueller report documents numerous instances of criminal and unethical behavior. Some 560 former prosecutors of all parties and political persuasions agree that if Trump was not president, he would be indicted and probably convicted of multiple counts of obstruction of justice that were described by Mueller.

Mueller also documents 251 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Some 33 campaign officials and Trump advisers knew about the Russia contacts — and lied about them. Why? Well into his presidency, Trump denied that he had pursued a potentially lucrative hotel project in Moscow. We now know he was lying. Trump has spoken alone on occasions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in one case even confiscating his translator’s notes to preserve absolute secrecy. What were they talking about?

In defiance of law, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has refused to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress. Is it because they would reveal additional dealings with the Russians? I urge everyone to download the Mueller report and read it. If you think it describes a president who deserves your confidence, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you.




Hate’s steep price

Editor: When will some people learn?

It is one thing to make false statements, hearsay, or wish something negative comes true or bring up the same thing every day no matter what the truth is. I could see why people are so disturbed and can’t get over the 2016 election, especially when things are looking so good for our country,

Some people would rather see President Trump not do so good and see the country go back the way it was when it looked like there was no hope.

There’s no way you would see me try to crucify a president no matter what political party he belongs to. Just look at what laws had been broken so far and in the near future you will see who is to blame for it. The times are gone when you only see things with one eye and hear only what you want to hear.

I see so many families that are mad at each other because of different views. It’s time to forget about politicians and love the family and enjoy your friends.





That’s cleared up

Editor: Here’s some eye-popping, head-scratching instruction from real product packaging:

■ On a hair dryer: “Do not use while sleeping.”

■ On a bag of chips: “You could be a winner. No purchase necessary. Details inside.”

■ On children’s cough medicine: “Do not drive a car or operate machinery.”

■ On a sleep-aid product: “Warning: may cause drowsiness.”

■ On Christmas lights made in China: “For indoor or outdoor use only.”



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