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Man Confesses To Burying Baby He Had With Daughter

April 18, 1995

SCOTTDALE, Pa. (AP) _ A man suspected of burying alive a son he fathered with his own daughter sent authorities Tuesday to the basement where he said he had buried their second child in 1970.

Firefighters and police with sledgehammers dug under the cellar floor at the two-story house where Mendum Paul Corvin, 61, and three daughters once lived. They had found no sign of the infant girl after seven hours.

Corvin’s daughter, now a 37-year-old bartender in Florida, told police last weekend that her father killed her newborn children in 1968 in Boynton Beach, Fla., and in 1970 in Scottdale, about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Scottdale Police Chief Tony Martin said Corvin calmly told officers how he took the second baby from his daughter’s arms and laid it on the basement floor.

``He gave no medical assistance. He did not attempt to clear out the baby’s mouth. He took it down to the basement and allowed it to die,″ Martin said.

Corvin, a retired electrician who lives in nearby Connellsville, was jailed Tuesday at Westmoreland County Detention Center on a charge of criminal homicide after admitting that he killed the second child.

Charges had not been filed in Florida. Boynton Beach police flew to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to interview Corvin.

Corvin’s two youngest daughters, age 36 and 34, also have accused Corvin of having sex with them repeatedly when they were children, said Sgt. Kevin McGowan of the Boynton Beach police. He said those girls did not bear children.

The boyfriend of Corvin’s eldest daughter went to police after hearing her discuss her father’s acts several times, said Steven Gomberg, the woman’s lawyer.

``He’s a very well-meaning guy and cares a lot about her. There was some dispute, ongoing, which erupted over the weekend which led him to say, `That’s enough. I can’t live with this any longer,‴ Gomberg said.

Boynton Beach police unearthed a child’s bones Saturday in the backyard of the Florida home where the woman said her father had buried the baby alive. Corvin’s ex-wife lives there now.

Corvin, who has had four heart attacks, checked into a hospital with chest pain after his daughter told him about the investigation Saturday.

``She’s concerned about her father in the sense that psychiatrists would indicate is not unusual, even though the average person would think ``How could she?‴ Gomberg said.

Corvin’s eldest daughter wanted to keep the births secret from police, Gomberg said.

``All of a sudden, without her consent or approval, she has been thrown into a volcano, and she is just trying to stay out of the way,″ he said.

People who knew the family said Corvin and his eldest daughter were heavy drinkers.

``Sometimes he would just yell and scream,″ said Marlene Wedge, a childhood friend of the three Corvin girls in Scottdale. She said Corvin allowed his daughters to drink beer he kept in the refrigerator.

``He just told them not to take the last one,″ she said.

Corvin divorced his wife, Rosina, in Florida, and he and his daughters moved to Scottdale, where the eldest daughter cooked and cleaned for him, Wedge said.

``You always trust your husband, the father of your children, but he was no good. ... I guess I just closed my mind to it,″ said Mrs. Corvin. ``I didn’t want to believe such a thing was true.″

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