Field Hockey Top Performers

September 16, 2018

The top performers from area athletes during the high school field hockey season, compiled from results submitted to The Citizens’ Voice. The sports department encourages coaches to submit results from every match by emailing sports@citizensvoice.com or calling 821-2060.


6-Goal Games

Hannah Yanovich (DAL), Sep. 5 vs. Pittston Area

5-Goal Games

Hannah Maxwell (SEM), Sep. 5 vs. Abington Heights

4-Goal Games

Lauren Parente (WA), Aug. 31 vs. GAR

Grace Young (DAL), Sep. 5 vs. Pittston Area

Cameryn Forgash (VW), Sep. 13 vs. Pittston Area

Elizabeth Luff (VW), Sep. 13  vs. Pittston Area

Aubrey Mytych (SEM), Sep. 13 vs. Honesdale

3-Goal Games

Kayla Kiwak (WA), Sep. 5 vs. Coughlin

Kayla Kiwak (WA), Sep. 7 vs. Northwest

Lauren Parente (WA), Sep. 11  vs. Delaware Valley

Karaline Stelma (VW), Sep. 11 vs. Crestwood

Lauren Parente (WA), Sep. 13 vs. Holy Redeemer

2-Goal Games

Toni Minichello (WA), Aug. 31 vs. GAR

Emma Janosczyk (CRE), Sep. 5 vs. Wallenpaupack

Aubrey Mytych (SEM), Sep. 5 vs. Abington Heights

Ava Radel (LL), Sep. 5 vs. Delaware Valley

Sarah Richards (CRE), Sep. 5 vs. Wallenpaupack

Caroline Stelma (VW), Sep. 5 vs. Honesdale

Sara Whitesell (HAN), Sep 5 vs. Tunkhannock

Madison Schmalzle (WAL), Sep. 5 vs. Crestwood

Alyssa Fowler (LT), Sep. 7 vs. Wallenpaupack

Toni Minchello (WA), Sep. 7 vs. Northwest

Katie Roberts (LL), Sep. 8 vs. Holy Redeemer

Emily Latoski (VW), Sep. 11 vs. Crestwood

Toni Minichello (WA), Sep. 11 vs. Delaware Valley

Alana Antonello (LL), Sep. 13 vs. Wallenpaupack

Jill Buchman (CRE), Sep. 13 vs. Crestwood

Chloe Greene (CRE), Sep. 13 vs. Hazleton Area

Ava Radel (LL), Sep. 13 vs. Wallenpaupack

Sarah Richards (CRE), Sep. 13 vs. Hazleton Area

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