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Schwarzkopf ‘Angry’ Over North Fundraising Letter

December 16, 1991

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Operation Desert Storm commander H. Norman Schwarzkopf was ″upset and angry″ over Oliver North’s unauthorized use of the general’s name in a fund- raising letter, a Schwarzkopf spokesman said Monday.

Freedom Alliance, a non-profit foundation operated by North, has been mailing out fundraising requests accompanied by a color photo of Schwarzkopf, according to the general’s agent, Marvin Josephson.

Josephson said that ″Gen. Schwarzkopf was upset and angry″ over being made part of the fundraising effort by North, the former national security aide who played a central role in the Iran-Contra case.

The New York-based agent said he learned of the effort when contacted by a reporter with the Legal Times, a Washington publication that broke the story in its Monday edition.

The mailings ask for contributions to assist families of soldiers wounded in Desert Storm. They said the money will be used to pay travel costs of families who visit veterans in hospitals distant from their homes.

Josephson said Schwarzkopf has made it a policy not to lend his name to fund-raising efforts.

″Col. North said that they weren’t able to reach Schwarzkopf″ seeking the general’s endorsement of the mailings, Josephson said of a conversation he had last week with North.

North promised Josephson the mailings would stop, the agent said. He said North also promised to check with his lawyers on whether to send notices to those who had received the mailings to notify them that the use of Schwarzkopf’s name had been unauthorized.

North’s lawyer, Brendan Sullivan, and a public relations firm representing North did not immediately return phone calls to their offices.

Just how angry was Schwarzkopf when told of the letter?

″Happily, he wasn’t mad at me,″ said Josephson. ″It wasn’t what he said. It’s that steel underneath.″

″He’s very, very careful about what he should do, what’s befitting a four- star general,″ Josephson said.

North, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, compared himself to Schwarzkopf in the fund-raising letter.

″We both served in Vietnam,″ North wrote. ″We both were wounded. And we both came home to vicious leftist protests and condemnation.″

The letter says the cost to help the families from the Gulf War could exceed $575,000. The Freedom Alliance has raised $94,000 to date, foundation chairman Edward Bronars told the Legal Times. North is president of the foundation.

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