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Warren Moon knows the intricacies of the run-and-shoot offens

May 18, 1993

HOUSTON (AP) _ Warren Moon knows the intricacies of the run-and-shoot offense. He hasn’t yet figured out how the Houston Oilers will use a tight end in the four-wide- receiver offense.

Moon worked out for the first time on Tuesday, the second day of a veterans’ minicamp. But the Oilers ran no plays that included a tight end.

Houston hasn’t had a tight end on the roster since Bob Mrosko in 1989. That changed in the 1993 draft when the Oilers picked Wake Forest tight end John Henry Mills.

″The longer he’s not in, the longer the possibility that he won’t be,″ Moon said. ″I don’t mean anything personally toward the individual. I don’t want to downgrade him.

″But until I’m sat down and explained the benefits of a tight end, I can’t see the need. I’m not saying I’m totally against it. If it’s shown that it will help, I’m for it.″

Following an embarrassing loss to Buffalo in last season’s playoffs, the club decided the offense needed a tight end to help in short-yardage and goal- line situations.

″We’re already among the best in the league in those situations where a tight end is used,″ Moon said. ″I think when you’re not as successful as you wanted to be, there’s always suggestions.″

Oilers veterans will drill through Friday and return for a Monday-through- Friday schedule next week. Rookies and free agents will have a separate minicamp in early June.

Defensive tackle Ray Childress, involved in a bitter contract dispute, and running back Lorenzo White, whose contract has expired, missed the first two workout sessions.

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