Becky Myers: Paul Gosar’s siblings have gone down a dark road

September 28, 2018


And citizens need to stop and think about what is truly happening in this country. A candidate would go so low to use a man’s family to win an election.

Jennifer Gosar, Paul’s sister, states, “What I think my siblings and I really want to speak to is a level of integrity and decency.” We must ask, just what does she and her siblings know about integrity and decency?

I met Mr. Gosar recently in Kingman. I honestly knew nothing about his family differences. I spent a fair amount of time conversing with him, wanting to learn a little more about the man. His family came up in a roundabout way. One thought led to another where it came down to the political stance of his siblings.

Mr. Gosar said nothing derogatory, nothing mean-spirited, nothing hateful. He simply stated that they were were democrats and and light-heartedly left it at that. Paul’s response to his siblings’ ad (which can be found in the search, Paul Gosar Responds To Siblings’ Attack Ad) is an excellent example of integrity and decency. I hope that Arizonans will stop and think about the kind of person David Brill is, that he would sink to the depths of despicable behavior to willingly exploit the family of his opponent in order to win an election. A man who will cross that line, who would intentionally break the heart of a mother, has no morals. He will be an embarrassment as a representative of our great state of Arizona.

Becky Myers


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