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Democratic Chairman Blasts LaRouche

June 24, 1986

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ The Democratic Party must mount major election efforts to defeat the ″fanatical forces″ of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, whose followers act like ″a Mussolini or a Hitler,″ the Democrats’ chairman said Tuesday.

LaRouche followers ″practice the politics of intimidation and harassment, the politics of prejudice and the politics of paranoia, the politics of extremism and exclusion, the politics of fraud and the politics of fear,″ said Democratic National Chairman Paul Kirk

″In a pattern not unlike that of a Mussolini or a Hitler, the LaRouchites have exercised political expediency ... indulging ... in anti-Semitism and religious and racial bigotry, never acknowledging or accepting the fundamental principles of Democracy,″ Kirk said at a Democratic Issues Forum organized by Gov. Mario Cuomo. Kirk said LaRouche followers were able to win Democratic primaries for lieutenant governor and secretary of state in Illinois earlier this year because Democrats failed to educate voters about the LaRouche candidates.

″No one can undo history, but the Democratic Party must not permit that kind of history to be repeated,″ Kirk said. ″The education of the American people must never be ignored or taken for granted; political extremism of any form must never be ignored or taken for granted.″

″The candidates of the LaRouche group are members of a dangerous cult,″ said Cuomo, who may face LaRouche-backed candidate Judah Phillip Rubinstein in the Sept. 9 Democratic gubernatorial primary. ″They’re the followers of a demogogue who is himself an active anti-Semite.″

″Lyndon LaRouche is an extremist fanatic who distorted the value of true meaning and perverted the meaning of true values by naming his cult the National Democratic Policy Committee,″ to confuse voters into thinking the group is part of the Democratic Party, Kirk said.

Kirk said that since the LaRouche candidates’ victory in Illinois, ″we have monitored filings in every state in which LaRouche candidates have sought the Democratic nominations .... We have fielded candidates to oppose them - not to debate them and give them political legitimacy but to defeat them by telling voters of their political lunacy.″

He noted that ″since Illinois ... the LaRouche candidates have not won a single contested nomination for federal, state or local office.″

Ronald Kokinda, a LaRouche follower who said he is seeking the Democratic nomination in New York’s 24th Congressional District, attended the forum and defended LaRouche afterward.

″The charges that they’re making are complete and utter nonsense,″ Kokinda said. ″They’ve thrown every dirty trick, every slander against us since Illinois.″

LaRouche followers are collecting petitions to seek ballot spots in New York Democratic primaries for the U.S. Senate, lieutenant governor, and 30 congressional seats, according to a count by Democratic Party officials.

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