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Rabin: Jordan, Egypt Not Doing Enough to Stop Infiltrations

May 19, 1988

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin accused Jordan and Egypt of not doing enough to prevent guerrilla raids into Israel from their territory.

Rabin made the comment Wednesday, a day after one Palestinian guerrilla crossed the border fence between Jordan and Israel and was wounded and captured by Israeli troops. Two other guerrillas escaped back to Jordan.

″There is no doubt in my mind that the authorities in Egypt and Jordan are doing sometimes not everything that can be done to prevent the (infiltrations),″ Rabin said on Israel radio.

Tuesday night’s infiltration was the second from Jordan and the 13th attempt since the Arab uprising began Dec. 8 in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since Dec. 1, guerrillas have twice tried to enter Israel from Egypt.

Rabin linked the increase in infiltration attempts to the ″intefadah,″ Arabic for uprising. He charged the PLO with inciting terror attacks from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt as well as inside the occupied lands to breathe life into the rebellion.

But Rabin said that thanks to the army’s tough response, the uprising was dying out. ″We have seen a gradual reduction of civilian violent activities as a result of ... measures we have taken such as arrests, administrative detentions, deportations,″ he said on a tour of the Gaza Strip.

Jordan denied that the latest raid into Israel was launched from its territory, saying it ″would never allow infiltrators to cross from Jordan into occupied Arab territories.″

In another development, Israeli troops backed by helicopters and bulldozers on Wednesday carried out a pre-dawn raid on two Arab mountain villages and were surrounded by hundreds of stone-throwing Palestinians. Hospital officials said one Arab villager was killed and 10 were wounded.

Troops also shot and wounded four Arabs during a confrontation in the marketplace of Nablus, the largest West Bank city, the army said.

The fatality Wednesday brought the Arab death toll in the uprising to 191, according to U.N. figures. Two Israelis also have died.

Arab doctors said at least 20 Palestinians were injured by beatings and rubber bullets during the clashes in Abwein and Arura, neighboring villages north of Ramallah. Witnesses said hundreds were arrested.

An army spokesman confirmed one Arab was killed and nine wounded. But he refused comment on the arrests or the reason for the sweeps on the final day of Id el Fitr, the three-day Moslem holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

In both villages fighting lasted through Wednesday morning, with helicopters dropping tear gas, before soldiers gained control and moved from house to house in search of suspects, witnesses said.

In Arura, troops rounded up about 300 teen-agers and young men in a schoolyard, a 19-year-old Palestinian said from his hospital bed in Ramallah.

In Abwein, soldiers made no arrests, apparently because most youths fled into the surrounding hills, said a merchant who would only give his first name, Saam. But he said troops beat several women and in some cases smashed furniture with clubs.

Army bulldozers pushed aside roadblocks that had been set up by villagers and forced residents to remove outlawed Palestinian flags from a mosque tower and utility poles, witnesses said.

A black flag of mourning fluttered from the home of Majdi Youssef Hilal, a 16-year-old boy who was fatally shot in the chest during the clashes.

In Nablus, troops were attacked by youths throwing stones as they patrolled the city’s market, an army spokesman said.

″The troops fired at the Arabs when they were in danger,″ wounding four Palestinians, the spokesman said.

The Defense Ministry on Wednesday ordered that teen-agers in the Gadna paramilitary youth corps not be allowed to serve in areas where Arab prisoners were held, the army said.

A army spokesman said the order was in response to an incident in which a teen-ager in the corps beat an Arab prisoner during a visit to a detention center after being encouraged to do so by an army sergeant.

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