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Oliver North Hires Document Destroyer

August 4, 1994

LORTON, Va. (AP) _ Oliver North is destroying sensitive documents again.

The former White House aide accused of shredding Iran-Contra documents has hired a company to destroy sensitive papers from his U.S. Senate campaign.

″We have had experiences of reporters and activists rooting around our dumpsters,″ said Mark Merritt, the Republican’s deputy campaign manager.

But the work of Document Destructors Inc. of Lorton goes beyond mere shredding. The company pulverizes the paper into tiny, irregular-shaped pieces.

″This is a much more secure way to destroy documents,″ said Carol Kopelman, an owner of Document Destructors.

″We’ve got a shredder in the closet, but it’s rarely used,″ said Bert Rohrer, a spokesman for North’s Democratic opponent, Sen. Charles S. Robb. ″Maybe we ought to use it more.″

Spokesmen for the two independents in the race, L. Douglas Wilder and J. Marshall Coleman, said they were conducting shredder-less campaigns.

″It sounds like overkill,″ said Coleman campaign manager Anson Franklin. ″I wonder what he can be doing that is so secretive?″

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