Bees Need Those Dandelions

April 5, 2019

Dandelions and bees

If the city truly is interested in being pollinator friendly, they need to allow dandelions to grow in the parks, the school yards and other public places. Although they may not be the most beautiful thing around, dandelions provide a critical food source for honey bees at a crucial time of year. Many hives die in the springtime because of insufficient food while they’re trying to raise the new batch of babies, and if they don’t have dandelions, that’s that much less food for them. Please let our parks be yellow.

Left-wing lunatics

There is a cadre of left-wing lunatics in this county that would make Karl Marx proud. But in spite of their attempt to overthrow this republic, and to the degree that they scare the you-know-what out of me, there is one thing they are doing that is pure futility and demagoguery. Try and lie as they may, they are not going to change the Electoral College. A voter in Firestone or Cheyenne will still have as much power as one in New York City or Los Angeles.

Sheriffs should resign

I think our Democratic governor should request the county sheriffs who will not enforce the law ... to take guns out of the hands of unstable people based on their love ones’ request ... to step down, because it’s time for those sheriffs to resign if they’re not going to enforce the law. And even if they disagree with the law, ... they swore to enforce the existing law. ... So they need to resign.

History lesson

In Friday’s newspaper, Michael Gerson from the Washington Post provided us with a perfect history lesson, a national examination of conscience and the way to understand the hostility of minorities to whites and a way to understand whites’ lack of character.

Cage match

I want to see Judge Jeanine and Rachel Maddow in a UFC cage match.

Religion in TC Line

• You are right — not about keeping religion out of the TC Line but that everyone has their own opinion. As for the devil, he is the one to blame as having evil plans for all humans. God never allows evil for people, his creation. God is good and full of love. We each have a choice to go our own way, or God’s way, or the devil’s way.

• First, God is not a he. And second, evil is in the mind of the beholder. And to quote a Zen saying: Compassion is sometimes a slap in the face.

New York flood

I’m not worried about the immigrants arriving from south of our border, but I am scared to death when New York City floods from global warming and we’re going to get an influx of those New Yorkers who, like Trump, believe that the only way to solve a problem is to sue each other. And they’re very, very demanding, similar to Mr. Trump’s behavior. What are we going to do? They are not gentle and God-fearing like the people who are arriving now.