Kendall County state’s attorney finds shooting of nurse hostage-taker justified

August 30, 2018

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – A Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office review of a state police report has found that an officer was justified in the fatal shooting of Tywon Salters in the May 13, 2017 nurse hostage taking incident at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital in Geneva.

Salters, 21, a jail detainee, had taken a correction officer’s gun and took one nurse hostage, then released her and took a second nurse hostage. Salters took the second nurse to a small room adjacent to the hospital’s ambulance bay for several hours, the release stated.

The shooting followed a deterioration of negotiations in an effort to diffuse the situation, the release stated.

Officers planned to breach the room from both of its entrances. As breach teams of multiple SWAT officers and medics were in place, they heard a gunshot from inside the room where Salters was holding the nurse, the release stated.

“Upon hearing the gunshot, members of the exterior team breached the door and observed Salters holding a handgun extended out and pointed in their direction with his right hand, while holding Nurse No. 2 as a shield with his left arm around her neck and chest,” the release stated.

“An officer of the North Aurora police officer, acting as a member of the Kane County SWAT team, who was a part of the exterior breach team, fired his weapon at Salters three times upon entering the room,” the release stated.

The nurse was escorted from the room, and Salters was pronounced deceased by hospital staff at 4:07 p.m., the release stated.

According to state law, an officer-involved shooting requires a review by the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force. The state police review was then passed on to the state’s attorney’s office for review, the release stated.

“The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has reviewed the North Aurora SWAT officer’s use of force and has determined that there was a reasonable belief on the part of the officer that it was necessary to use force intended to cause death or great bodily harm, to prevent death or great bodily harm to the officer, Nurse no. 2, and other responding officers, and therefore the officer’s use of force was justified,” the release stated.

“The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, in its review of this incident, has determined that there is no evidence of any criminal actions on the part of any other officer or individual involved, other than the deceased, Tywon Salters, who cannot be prosecuted,” the release stated.

The state’s attorney’s office considers its review for both use-of- force and for any potential criminal charges closed at this time, the release stated.

A federal lawsuit filed by four nurses and two of their husbands is still pending.

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