You are mine!

February 7, 2019
Bob Stone

You are mine.

It’s the middle of January and as I work on a newsletter article for February, it strikes me a current ongoing theme will work very well for a “Valentine” kinda month!

And we can sum up the sentiment in 3 words that we all long to hear! In fact “long to hear” might be a bit understated. How about “thirst for” like a runner who just finished a marathon or a hiker who forgot their trusty water bottle! The 3 words???

You are mine.

Simply put but eloquently stated for the lonely heart. YOU ARE MINE. Those 3 words we long to hear as we navigate a life that often seems ambivalent, uncaring and downright cold some days. YOU ARE MINE. A declaration from one to another that I am indeed special, treasured and irreplaceable. YOU ARE MINE. Two stories come to mind......

The 1st.... Barbara Brown Taylor tells a story about her grandmother Lucy.

Lucy would often get strange looks from others. She had lost both her legs to diabetes and had wooden stumps where limbs should be. Her weak eyes demanded that she wear dark glasses and most of the time she dressed like a bomber pilot. But to her granddaughters, Lucy was wonderful. Whenever Barbara would visit her grandmother, grace would abound.

In the closet would be wrapped packages — enough for a surprise each day of the visit. The meals were delicious — always with a favorite dessert.

But the best part of these visits were the baths.

Each night Grandma Lucy would draw a hot bath filled with suds and with her big sponge she would polish Barbara’s skin. Then, following the bath she would anoint her granddaughter with Jergens lotion — all the way down to the soles of her feet. The perfect ending would be the Evening in Paris dusting powder! Barbara writes:

“When grandma Lucy was done, I knew that I was precious. I was absolutely convinced that I was loved”.

The 2nd.... Consider the fear we find within our own frailties. Maybe a small child with asthma attacks which hit in the middle of the night and quickly escalate into panic.

Quick trips to the emergency room followed and then the long hours in the oxygen tent until those small lungs could be stabilized. But always with then was a parent — carrying me, holding me, staying with me, and I felt loved. In my smallness, in my sickness, in my weakness, in my imperfectness, I felt loved!

It was these early experiences of trust that helped me figure out the meaning of faith, which is after all nothing more and nothing less .... than trust.

It is trusting God ...... no matter what, believing.... I am His.

For each of us, maybe especially in February, those 3 words “You Are Mine” are what we each long to hear. You Are Mine. A simple declaration that I am important to someone else. No matter how your day to day relationships “stack up”, there is One who extends that affirming declaration day in and day out. The Lord of all Creation extends his most heartfelt love with the embrace of a Son, the comforting of a Spirit and the affirmation that “With You, I Am Well Pleased”! All that in 3 simple words.... You Are Mine!

So this week, no matter what you face, no matter what you hear from others.... Hear This!

From the One who created everything... you are most precious in His sight and we know that.. by 3 simple words. You Are Mine. May the Lord of all acceptance and love richly bless you & yours this season of love.

Bob Stone is pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Pocatello.

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