Norfolk Public Transportation looking to help with school commute

August 2, 2018

NORFOLK - As you and your kids get ready to go back to school, you may want to consider Norfolk Public Transportation to help make the daily drops off easier.

Executive Director Jeanne Doerneman says Norfolk Public Transportation is for everyone, and they found there’s a real need in Norfolk as sometimes parents’ schedules can get hectic.

“School kids can get a ride whether their parents are working and can’t get the kids to school, or if they maybe have kids that are in two different schools and don’t have the time to go get them. You can schedule a ride to or from school, or to and from after school activities” Doerneman said.

She says you can also sign up for a more permanent schedule if you need rides daily.

All rides are $2.50 per person, and to sign up call Norfolk Public Transportation at 402-379-4595.

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