Orchids and Onions: Thursday, November 8, 2018

November 8, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to Car Show participants having their vehicles park with engines facing the street curbs. Difficult to view due to limited space on sidewalk and raised curb height impeding guests with limited mobility. A challenge to return to street as other viewers make their way to view same.

Orchids to Kyle of ProPower Painting and Restoration -great work and appreciate the hard work and dedication to get the job done - even working thru scope-of-work changes. Great job and highly recommend again and again. Thanks the Villa Boys.

Orchids to Carlos Ruiz DDS. Great job. Thanks. Go Saxons!

Orchids to Luis and Rogelio Osornio - owners of Tile and Stone - for the awesome job of removing old tile and carpet and installing new laminate flooring. Perfect and precision work. Always on time and super cleanup afterward. Could not be happier with our new floors. Medicine Bow snowbirds.

Onions to the “club” that has seven T.V’s hooked up to 3 television boxes and the bartender that can’t figure out what T.V. belongs to each box... Hey, hook up one T.V. to each box... Don’t be cheap...you’re running people out again...It’s football season...

Orchids to Dust Bunny Cleaning for the fantastic job Melissa and her girls do for us. Very lucky to have you clean our home.

Orchids to Kelly with Democratic Association of Havasu and Mohave County Democratic. You by far have done an outstanding job!

Onions to all the complainers about dirt and rock in the streets after the storms, street crews are doing a great job as always. You live in a desert, get over it and yourself.

Orchids to Wayne / Travis of LeGrand Plumbing - work well done and much appreciated the quick/effective/efficient honest work - will recommend again and again! Thanks from the Villa Boys

Onions to the stores that sell Depends. Back in our home town in South Dakota, all the markets have extra strength Depends.

Orchids to Van Rooy Plumbing for getting our water line replaced recently. Special thanks to Jake for fine plumbing job and trench work by Robert of Landscape Escape. Much Appreciated!

Orchids to Arizona Gardens Landscaping Miguel and Laurie are the best. Work was done on time, on budget and well done. Super job, highly recommended.

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