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Testimony about shoes was confined Wednesday to a full-length photo of Sim

January 16, 1997

Testimony about shoes was confined Wednesday to a full-length photo of Simpson, taken by Harry Scull on the same day Flammer took his pictures. That single picture, entered into evidence earlier in the trial, shows Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes, plaintiff experts have testified, but the defense, including Simpson, labeled the photo a fraud.

Richards said a defense photo analyst was wrong when he cited a ``halo effect″ around the shoes. He testified it was a visual effect caused by ``backlighting,″ not an alteration of the photo.

Before Fung recanted, Richards said what looked like a hole in the glove in a police picture was an optical illusion caused by a piece of debris on its surface.

``It was my determination that that was a piece of debris sitting on the glove itself,″ he said after magnifying the picture.

Crime lab official Gregory Matheson agreed, saying, ``It’s clearly a piece of debris sitting on the surface caked in with a little bit of dirt and a hair or fiber that wraps around it.″

Matheson also disclosed for the first time that he did basic blood analysis on the glove found at the murder scene and determined that four stains on it were Goldman’s blood. The glove was lying close to Goldman’s body when it was found, he noted. That glove was never subjected to sophisticated DNA testing.

On cross-examination, attorney Phil Baker asked Matheson: ``Not one drop of blood matched O.J. Simpson?″

``Of the four drops I tested, that’s correct,″ Matheson said.

Baker and his co-counsel Dan Leonard launched aggressive cross-examinations of Richards and Matheson, confronting them with photos that challenged their opinions.

Leonard showed Richards other frames of film shot at a Buffalo Bills football game that showed the soles of Simpson’s shoes, but none had the detail contained in Scull’s single photo.

But Leonard’s effort to poke holes in Richards’ opinion of the shoe picture backfired when he asked the expert: ``You’re not telling this jury you’re 100 percent sure, are you?″

``Yes, I am,″ Richards said. ``I’m saying in the areas in question, it is 100 percent not a fake.″

Matheson identified photos of the interior of Simpson’s Bronco that showed large amounts of blood smeared in various areas. The picture, he acknowledged, was taken three weeks after the killings when he collected blood samples from the vehicle’s center console.

Baker then flashed on the courtroom screen a photo of the Bronco interior taken while it was in police impound after the killings. The console appeared clean.

``Do you see any blood where (the console sample) was collected?″ Baker asked.

``No, I do not,″ Matheson said.

Baker then showed a photo of the interior with obvious smears of blood.

``And that photo was taken two weeks after the other photo?″ he asked.

``Yes,″ Matheson said.

The pictures were offered to remind jurors of a key defense theory that police planted blood in the Bronco to frame Simpson.

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