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Perdue, Empire Settle Chicken Ad Dispute

March 19, 1993

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) _ The dispute over whether Moses or Frank Perdue is a tougher chicken-maker is over.

Perdue Farms Inc. and Empire Kosher Poultry Inc. said Friday they’ve settled a lawsuit Perdue filed against Empire over ads that borrowed a well- known Perdue ad line.

Perdue, based in Salisbury, Md., objected to ads that show a picture of Moses with the slogan, ″It Takes An Even Tougher Man to Make A Kosher Chicken.″

The reference was to Perdue’s slogan, long used in ads featuring company chief Frank Perdue, ″It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Chicken.″

The companies issued a joint statement saying Empire has agreed not to renew the Moses ad and Perdue is dropping its lawsuit. Empire is based in Mifflintown, Pa.

Empire’s general counsel Jim Geisz and Perdue spokesman Steve McCauley refused to comment further.

The two companies haven’t entirely ended their differences.

Sherri Gilman, a spokeswoman for Empire’s New York-based promotions company, Jericho Productions, said Empire will continue to advertise that no chicken goes through more inspections than its products.

Perdue says its chickens are inspected 24 times, more than required by the federal government and more than any other chicken.

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