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Rare Falcons Shipped To New Breeding Center In Idaho

October 14, 1985

BOISE, Idaho (AP) _ The first gyrfalcon born in captivity and 54 peregrine falcons have been shipped from Cornell University at Ithaca, N.Y., to a new home at the World Center for Birds of Prey south of Boise.

Center spokeswoman Lisa Langelier said the birds, moved in two shipments Friday and Sunday, will be used to breed more endangered peregrine falcons to be transplanted to eastern states. Gyrfalcons are used to help incubate peregrine eggs, and although not many are in captivity they are not considered endangered.

The peregrine nearly vanished from the eastern United States, mainly because of DDT-caused eggshell thinning. But releases of birds bred in captivity has brought the eastern population to 40 known breeding pairs.

The Boise center produced a record 163 peregrines for release this year, the most ever produced in captivity. The Peregrine Fund, a nonprofit organization, finances both the Boise center and research at Cornell.

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