Substation enough for Shaver’s contributions?

August 4, 2018

NEEDLES — The Murl L. Shaver Substation rechristening has been accepted, rejected, then re-accepted by city council not because there was any question of naming something for the former mayor but because he’s served the city so long and well there was some question whether a substation was enough.

After the council decided to look for something bigger in the early weeks of this year, the utility board hashed it over and renewed their recommendation in May.

“I had a follow-up discussion with Mr. Shaver and he’s very moved by the substation naming and he considers it appropriate because he was the mayor when the city bought the utility,” said Rick Daniels, city manager.

“I still stand that on the fact that we are selling him short on this. I spoke with Shawn (Gudmundson) and he suggested a fountain up here in the civic center,” said Councilor Louise Evans.

Eventually, over her dissenting vote, the city council once again opted for the substation designation though they left the door open to expand on that in the future.

Shaver was actively involved in city government for many years and was an instrumental player in the creation of the Needles Public Utility Authority back in 1997. He served 11 years on the Board of Public Utilities after serving four years as mayor.

Shaver’s career began with the Needles Police Department, where he served as a reserve officer from 1960 to 1967; then a regular officer moving through the ranks of detective, sergeant and lieutenant, until 1977. After a stint as chief deputy sheriff

of Mohave County he returned to the Needles PD in 1984.

When the city contracted with the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department in 1989 Shaver went along. He retired in 1995 as lieutenant, second in command at Needles’ Colorado River Station.

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