Letter to the editor: All life matters; it’s not black & white

August 12, 2018

When the media stops reporting black and white and the parents begin parenting, some of these problems will be solved. An unarmed black boy was shot by a white policeman while fleeing the scene. Can you see the problem with that? It’s black, white and fleeing. If it was the other way around, I don’t think it would be getting much attention, but that’s a whole different story.

First, children should be taught as I was: You are judged by the company you keep. Second, the police are the law; when a police officer says stop, that does not mean run. Resisting is taken for guilt, man, woman or child of any color. Parents should be teaching this -- all parents, any color.

Next, if we are truly trying to stop racial prejudice, the media need to stop encouraging it. Simply by printing “black boy and white officer” the flames are ignited, and the circumstances are no longer a consideration.

Black lives matter? No, all life matters. If you are a Christian on Sunday, be one the rest of the week, too. If you don’t think the police are doing a good job, take up a new career. Be a police officer yourself. Not me; you couldn’t pay me enough.

Eileen Condie


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