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King Hussein: Life And Times With AM-Jordan-King, Bjt

November 14, 1992

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Some key dates in the life of King Hussein of Jordan:

Nov. 14, 1935 - Born of the Hashemite dynasty, which had ruled western Arabia before being driven out by the Saudis after World War I.

July 20, 1951 - Hussein’s grandfather, King Abdullah, with Hussein at his side, shot dead in Jerusalem by Palestinian after annexing West Bank, historically part of Palestine.

May 2, 1953 - At 18, ascends Hashemite throne nearly one year after his father, Talal, abdicated because of mental illness.

April 10, 1957 - Crushes leftist coup led by army officers, bans political parties.

July 14, 1958 - Hussein’s cousin, King Faisal of Iraq, assassinated in Baghdad coup. British troops airlifted to Amman to protect Jordan.

June 5, 1967 - Jordan joins Egypt and Syria in war with Israel. Hussein’s military mauled, air force lost and West Bank and east Jerusalem captured.

Sept. 17, 1970 - Sends army against Palestinian guerrillas, whose growing power threaten throne. Driven out in June 1971, they start assassinating Jordanian leaders.

July 30, 1988 - Weary of haggling with PLO, Hussein renounces claim on West Bank after Palestinian uprising erupts in occupied territories. Parliament suspended.

April 18, 1989 - Riots break out in Jordan over austerity measures, forcing Hussein to introduce reforms including first full parliamentary elections in 22 years.

Nov. 8, 1989 - Muslim Brotherhood, Hussein’s old foes, win 22 seats in 80- member parliament, biggest bloc.

Aug. 2, 1990 - Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, Jordan supports him. King forced to observe U.N. sanctions, ravaging already battered economy.

Aug. 20, 1992 - Undergoes surgery for cancer in United States, returns home to triumphant welcome Sept. 24.

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