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Ms. Butcher, 43, left Springfield, Mo., in 1976 to take up

March 29, 1997

Ms. Butcher, 43, left Springfield, Mo., in 1976 to take up with a group in Oregon led by Marshall Applewhite. Her mother, Virginia Norton, said she seemed content.

``She didn’t call it a cult. She didn’t consider it as a cult. She was happy,″ Mrs. Norton said. ``She died in a beautiful place. It was where she wanted to be.″

Mrs. Norton said she had not seen her daughter since 1993, when she visited her in Dallas. All attempts to contact Ms. Butcher over the last three years were unsuccessful, said family friend and neighbor Betty Chatman.

Ms. Butcher was found with a Texas driver’s license.


Craig, 63, who ran a dude ranch and had a bit part in the movie ``Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,″ left his wife and six young children in Durango, Colo., in July 1975.

``For me, he died 22 years ago,″ said Mary Ann Craig, his ex-wife. ``When we found out he was dead, there was a sense of closure more than anything for us.″

Craig owned the Wilderness Trails Guest Ranch. Former neighbors recalled him as the first horseman out of the boxcar in the famous train robbery scene in the movie.

In 1970, he ran as a Republican for the Colorado House of Representatives, losing by fewer than 20 votes.

After his abrupt departure, he contacted his family only occasionally through impersonal letters with no return addresses.

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