Ed Schweizer: Why aren’t rising college costs being contained?

January 11, 2019

Editor: I attended college back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so I know next to nothing about college life and the rigors of higher education as it is practiced today. I’m just a simple country boy, but I do have some questions. Why would the average young person spend four or more years of their life and go into debt beyond six figures and yet enroll in programs that may only qualify them to teach. They will never pay their way out of the hole. No wonder they love Cortez and Sanders. They’re kinda like mommy and daddy, but with more money.

But the larger question that no one seems prepared to ask, is why that college or university education costs those monstrous figures? How much could it cost to put a kid in a chair in an established classroom? How much can a textbook cost? I’m guessing someone is making a lot of money. And why, instead of investigating the matter, do so many people feel the federal government (meaning us) should just roll over and pay those debts, no questions asked? Another step toward socialism? Do those institutions have no responsibility? Are they doing anything to hold down costs? If they are, I never hear anything about it. The costs seem to get higher every years with nary an explanation. Perhaps it wouldn’t sting quite so much if those kids graduated with half a clue about anything!

Before we are forced to chip in, some of us poor old tax payers would like to know. Wouldn’t you?

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City

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