Olmsted County Bar Association plans county attorney race debate

September 20, 2018

Mark Ostrem

The Olmsted County Bar Association has invited the two county attorney candidates to debate next week.

The hourlong debate forum is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27 in the River Rooms of 125 Live, 125 Elton Hills Drive NW.

“We’re excited to have both candidates committing their time to reach out to the public about this important race,” Bar Association President Michelle Dobson said. “It’s easy for a county attorney race to be overshadowed by some of the partisan and city elections, but the County Attorney’s Office plays a crucial role in preserving the safety and well-being of our community. We think the OCBA can help get the word out so that people can make an informed vote.”

Olmsted has not had a contested race for county attorney since 2008, when Mark Ostrem, the incumbent, won the seat. Ostrem is running for re-election.

Senior Assistant County Attorney Geoff Hjerleid is challenging Ostrem for the seat.

The public debate will be moderated by Senior Judges Debra A. Jacobson and Joseph F. Wieners, with questions reviewed by a committee of bar association members.

Proposed questions can be submitted to the bar association at OlmstedCountyBarAssociation@gmail.com.

The final questions will not be released to candidates until they are asked at the event, and the candidates will take turns being the first to answer individual questions.

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