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Bright and Brief

August 28, 1986

WINTHROP, Iowa (AP) _ The Church of Christ United in Winthrop will soon get its share of a legal settlement, but it won’t be enough to build a new church, pack up the congregation for a vacation, or even mail out a thank-you note to the judge. The award is 7 cents.

″Every penny counts, I guess,″ said the Rev. Maurice Frevert.

The congregation will get its check as part of a $1.4 million settlement in a legal battle over royalty payments involving helium extracted from the Hugoton gas field in southwestern Kansas.

The church has a small claim on a portion of the Baca Gas Gathering deposit involved.

Jim Goering, who is handling dispursement of the money, admits the church’s award seems silly, especially when it’s sent in an envelope with a 22-cent stamp on it.

″But it seems unfair to say that just because the check is small those poeple don’t deserve the money. ... They may need it even more,″ he said. Some awards were handsome, including $185,000 to Kerr-McGee Corp.

The church’s share was the smallest of numerous claims, he said.

Frevert said that the church has gotten tiny contributions before, including annual dividends from a small Colorado investment, and that the 7 cents won’t be ignored.

″We’ll just put it in the budget,″ he said.


CARDIFF, Wales (AP) - A Welsh TV translator has given up trying to render ″Hi yo, Silver, away 3/8″ into his native tongue and decided that some things are best left as they are.

Urion Wiliam, who is writing the translation to be dubbed into the mouths of the Lone Ranger and Tonto for Welsh-language television, says he wrestled to no avail with the masked man’s famous words.

″His catch phrase is so well known that it was best left alone,″ he said Thursday.

Wiliam said he had an easier time with Tonto’s simple, broken English than with the Lone Ranger.

″Some Americanisms are hard enough to translate into English, let alone Welsh,″ he said, citing ″he’s no cowpuncher″ as an example.

″Language apart, you must use words that will fit the mouth movements on screen. It is a very painstaking business.″

The U.S. cartoon series is to be aired for children on S4C, the station that serves Wales’ Welsh-speaking minority.


GULF SHORES, Ala. (AP) - A passel of baby sea turtles had their own private, roped-off stretch of beach to be hatched in because they are a protected species, officials said.

The 75 loggerhead sea turtles hatched Monday night, said Annette Salvatore, a naturalist at the Gulf State Park. A security guard ″noticed the sand start shifting, and then they started poking their heads out,″ she said.

Park employees scooped the federally protected turtles into buckets and carried them to the water.

The long wait for the hatching began in June when beachgoers noticed a sea turtle had made a nest beside the outer wall of a pool at the park convention center. The area was roped off to prevent harm to the eggs.

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