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UNDATED — On a beautiful Sunday last October, Detective Dan Douglas stood in a home and looked down at a lifeless 20-year-old — a needle mark in his arm, a syringe in his pocket. It didn't take long for Douglas to realize that the man, fresh out of treatment, was his second heroin overdose that day. "You just drive away and go, 'Well, here we go again,'" says the veteran cop. By Amy Forliti, Dan Sewell And Nigel Duara. SENT: 2,300 words.

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PORTLAND — Some states, including Oregon, are reporting a rise in heroin use as many addicts shift from more costly and harder-to-get prescription opiates to this cheaper alternative. SENT: 200 words.


RENO, Nev. — Tensions are growing on the range in a turf battle that has been simmering for decades over one of the icons of the American West and scant forage on arid, high desert lands from Nevada to Wyoming. Wild-horse protection advocates say the government is rounding up too many mustangs while allowing livestock to feed at taxpayer expense on the same rangeland scientists say is being overgrazed. By Scott Sonner. SENT: 800 words.

AP Photo NVREN201.


PORTLAND — The McMenamins chain of brewpubs and entertainment venues is well-known for renovating and reinventing historic sites in the Pacific Northwest. But the company co-founded by brothers Brian and Mike McMenamin more than 30 years ago is trying something new with its plan to convert a former Bothell, Wash., school into a hotel, brewpub and theater. SENT: 400 words.


PORTLAND — A southern Oregon woman pleaded not guilty to charges arising from a child-abuse investigation involving her children. The indictment obtained by The Oregonian (http://is.gd/w2uSx9 ) accuses Katherine Parker of intentionally causing physical injury to her children as well as manipulating physicians and encouraging unnecessary surgeries. Some of the alleged crimes occurred in Portland, where she was arraigned Friday. SENT: 310 words.


PORTLAND — The state Board of Higher Education has endorsed "with conditions" the formation of self-governing boards at Southern Oregon and Eastern Oregon universities. The two regional universities have shaky finances and the board wants them to stabilize their budgets before moving forward with independent boards. The schools were given 45 days to show they can meet conditions set by the board and then get the governor's approval. SENT: 310 words.


SALT LAKE CITY — A top Mormon leader reiterated the church's opposition to gay marriage Saturday during the church's biannual general conference. By Brady McCombs. SENT: 990 words.

—With MORMON CONFERENCE-WOMEN'S DEMONSTRATION. The Mormon church has told a women's group that its members won't be allowed into an all-male meeting on Saturday, but the group plans to show up anyway as part of its push for females to be allowed in the priesthood. By Brady McCombs. SENT: 600 words.


PENDLETON — The annual mission trip is a big deal for the youth at Pendleton's First Assembly of God. The destination remains a mystery until the unveiling, which their leader does with flair during a youth group meeting. By the end of his verbal intro, the name of the country is projected onto a screen. This year, the students got a shock. When the moment came, the words "Sacrifice Trip" glowed bright. By Kathy Aney of the East Oregonian. SENT: 610 words.


ELKTON — There was only one cedar tree on the property alongside the Umpqua River, so Vern Clemo called it the Lone Cedar Ranch. The tree finally died of old age and is now gone, but the ranch that has been in the same family for more than 150 years and has survived several ownership changes continues today as a working operation under the management of owners Matt and Renae Koester. The Koesters are the fifth generation to work the ranch that's a few miles downriver from Elkton. By Craig Reed of The News Review. SENT: 700 words.

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The graying look of moose you might see in the field this spring isn't the result of old age. It's likely the work of blood-sucking ticks. By Rich Landers, The Spokesman-Review. SENT: 780 words. AP Photos.


LYONS, Ore. — The drive to the North Santiam State Park, just 40 minutes east of Salem, is the perfect amount of time to drink a cup of coffee and listen to some good music before stepping out of the car and into the forest. By Alisha Roemeling. SENT: 570 words, AP Photos.



PORTLAND, Ore. — The hottest rivalry in Major League Soccer makes its 2014 debut on Saturday when the Portland Timbers host the Seattle Sounders. It's the first meeting since Portland ousted Seattle from the playoffs last fall. By Tim Booth. UPCOMING: Game at noon PT. 600 words, photos.


— PERS PAYBACK — The Public Employees Retirement System will send checks totaling more than a half-million dollars to nearly 3,000 retirees to fix incorrect cuts to their pensions.

— OPEN MEETINGS VIOLATIONS — State ethics officials determined that members of the Willamette Education Service District Board violated Oregon's public meetings law more than 40 times during its hiring process for a new superintendent.

— DOUBLE FATAL CRASH — Oregon State Police say two male drivers were killed and two passengers were injured in a head-on crash along Highway 22 about three miles west of Dallas, Ore.