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No Evidence of Mechanical Flaw Found in Amusement Park Ride

June 18, 1991

KINGS MILLS, Ohio (AP) _ Investigators have found no mechanical flaws on a amusement park ride from which a woman fell to her death last week, officials said Tuesday.

State investigators are still working to determine the cause of the June 9 accident at Kings Island amusement park on a ride called Flight Commander, said Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Carla Moore. The Agriculture Department is responsible for safety inspections of amusement park rides.

State investigators last week dismantled the Flight Commander capsule in which 32-year-old Candy Taylor was riding.

The Flight Commander allows riders to send capsules into climbs, dives and barrel rolls. It has been shut down pending the outcome of the investigation.

The capsules have lap and shoulder restraints that ratchet into place. Shoulder restraint have mechanical backups, and the lap restraint has two backups, said Leonard Cavalier, chief inspector for the Agriculture Department’s Division of Amusement Ride Safety.

State investigators and a lawyer for Taylor’s family were interviewing witnesses this week. Cavalier said he did not know when his investigation would be completed.

It was the first fatality directly related to a ride in the park’s 20-year history. Kings Island is 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

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