Register To Vote By Oct. 9

September 19, 2018

Editor: With the general election fast approaching, I like to take time to remind those who are not yet registered, or wish to change political party affiliation, to do so by Oct. 9. We need to make sure that the people get registered so they can vote in November. I hope people become involved because this year’s election is an important one. If anyone wishes to vote, and cannot do so on Election Day, absentee ballots will be available soon. The applications are available online, or at your political party headquarters. Please make sure your voice is heard and do your civic duty. Absentee ballots must be sent in by Oct. 30, and it is fast approaching, so, please, fill out the application and ballot form. Lastly, make sure you get out and vote on Nov. 6. This year’s election offers a variety of races, United States senate, united states congress, governor, and state representative. Again, make sure to get out to your polling place and cast your ballot. Do not stay home. David Thole MOUNTAIN TOP

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