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May 22, 1990

MIAMI (AP) _ Paul Newman has developed five new varieties of salad dressing for Burger King and will be seen in the fast-food chain’s TV commercials beginning today.

The ads feature clips of Newman undressing in such films as ″The Sting,″ ″The Prize″ and ″Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,″ and advise viewers: ″For years, you’ve seen Paul Newman undressing. Now you can see Paul Newman dressing.″

Burger King will offer the new dressings alongside the actor’s original Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar at its 6,000 restaurants.

″This all-natural product will help ‘shake up’ awareness of our salad line,″ said Gary Langstaff, executive vice president of marketing for Burger King.

Newman donates profits from his food company to charity.


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary says the folk group’s sing-along ″Puff the Magic Dragon″ has two meanings, and neither is about drugs as once rumored.

″It’s ostensibly a song about the moment of loss of innocence. When that moment occurs, it is sad indeed,″ the singer told 300 Augsburg College graduates. ″But it’s about something else. It is about the loss of our ideals.″

In his commencement speech Sunday, Yarrow spliced folk songs with comments on the need for global thinking and the power of the individual to bring about change.

Yarrow is affiliated with the college’s Center for Global Education, which arranges for educational travel to the Third World.

″If you want to, we can make history together,″ he said. ″If you acknowledge there is suffering, think globally, act globally. If there is a single lesson from the ’60s, it is the belief in our own capacities as individuals. We all matter.″


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Music publisher Don Kirshner, best known for his TV rock show, hits the radio airwaves this weekend with the first installment of a 35-hour rock revue.

His first radio project, ″DK-35,″ will air in 15 installments on more than 200 stations nationwide and will include conversations with music stars.

Among them: Roy Orbison, who in an interview just before his death in 1988 spoke about meeting a then-unknown John Lennon.

″Basically, I’m doing firsthand experiences,″ said Kirshner, 56. His career in music began in 1955 when he met Bobby Darin, who later recorded ″Dream Lover″ and ″Queen of the Hop.″

″Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert″ came to television in 1972 and during the next decade gave national exposure to musicians from Billy Joel to the Police along with comics Billy Crystal, Arsenio Hall and David Letterman.


NEW YORK (AP) - As it turned out, Bob Newhart’s 184th and final appearance on ″Newhart″ revealed that the previous 183 episodes had all been, well, just a terrible dream.

For eight seasons on the CBS comedy, Newhart has played innkeeper Dick Loudon, a pillar of reason among various eccentrics afflicting the town of Stratford, Vt. On Monday, the townspeople sell their town to the Japanese. Dick refuses to sell.

Flash forward five years. The inn is a hazard on the 14th fairway of a golf course, and Dick’s wife, played by Mary Frann, scurries about in black wig and kimono. Dick is depressed.

Just when things look their worst, the townspeople return for a five-year reunion. Among them are Larry (″Hi, I’m Larry and this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl.″) and his silent brothers. They bring their talkative wives.

Then, Darryl and Darryl speak 3/8 They tell their wives to be quiet.

As the townspeople settle in, Dick is hit in the head by a golf ball and wakes in the bedroom and character of Chicago psychotherapist Bob Hartley, the hero of Newhart’s 1972-78 first sitcom on CBS, ″The Bob Newhart Show.″

Bob Hartley wakes his wife, Emily, (former co-star Susanne Pleshette), and tells her of the terrible dream he had.

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