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Dispatcher Helps Mother and Dad Deliver Baby in Bathtub

August 13, 1993

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) _ A 911 dispatcher gave Tom Cuddey a course in childbirth techniques just in time for him to deliver his own daughter in a bathtub.

Cuddey, 26, of Sterling, was awakened from a nap Monday afternoon by his 3- year-old daughter, Nicolle, who said, ″ ‘Daddy, Mommy needs help.’ ″ He found his wife, 26-year-old Kelli Cuddey, crying in the bathtub, on the verge of delivering.

″I could see the crown of the head starting to come out,″ he said.

Mrs. Cuddey’s due date was four days away but her water broke Monday afternoon and contractions began.

Cuddey called 911. Dispatcher Dave Nocera said at first his mind went blank. But he soon recalled his training as an emergency medical technician.

He kept Cuddey on the line and was in radio contact with an ambulance crew on its way to the home.

Nocera had delivered a baby in an ambulance eight years ago, but the job was harder over the telephone.

″I was just hoping the mother could hold off until someone got there, but no luck,″ Nocera said.

″It was very scary,″ Mrs. Cuddey said. ″All I could do was push.″

Christine Cuddey arrived at 5:23 p.m. Monday. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Nocera was worried until he heard the baby cry. ″I knew everything was fine″ then, said the dispatcher, who has 6-year-old twins.

Paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later.

Cuddey forgot to ask the dispatcher’s name and called the police Tuesday and asked whom to thank.

″I don’t know what I would have done without him,″ Cuddey said. ″The guy was truly great.″

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