Beaver Dam mayor responds to recall petition

August 23, 2018

Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen issued a statement Wednesday responding to a petition being circulated that seeks her recall.

Mary Flaherty, who served as alderwoman for Ward 2 for 20 years until losing her seat in the spring election, filed papers to start the process to recall Glewen last week.

Under Wisconsin law, Flaherty will need to collect 1,484 valid signatures from Beaver Dam residents within 60 days. The figure comes from the state’s requirement to gather signatures equal to 25 percent of total votes cast in Beaver Dam in the last election for governor, which was in 2014.

Flaherty’s petition lists as reasons for the recall: cronyism, covert policies, insensitivity to taxpayer concerns, fiscal irresponsibility and overtaxation.

In her statement, Glewen said Flaherty has made inaccurate and unsubstantiated allegations regarding her leadership.

“I have no hesitation in letting my record stand for itself,” Glewen wrote. “I ran on and was elected on a platform of change and economic improvement for the city. As elected mayor, I am responsible for putting forth that vision but, have no direct control over spending.”

Instead, Glewen said, Flaherty as a member of the Common Council had direct input in the budget and voted for both the budget and the capital improvement plan that the city currently operates under.

“Also, to suggest that our community investments have had negative impact ignores the fact that these investments are generating an increase in the tax base,” Glewen said.

Glewen cited recent investments in two apartment developments as well as a hotel as adding $20 million to the tax base.

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