Central Food’s New Year’s Day Brunch Platter is back

December 31, 2018

The New Year’s Day Brunch Platter at Central Food is a New Year’s Day tradition.

You don’t have to be hungover to enjoy it. But if you happen to imbibe a little too much the night before, this smorgasbord could help cure what ails you.

Meant to serve four, the platter is actually a baking sheet that’s so big and so loaded it has to be wheeled to your table. It’s covered with house-made bread, pickled vegetables, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, sliced meats, a variety of fruit and other spreads, bacon, tacos, an oversize cinnamon roll and more.

You get all that for $60. Split it with one other, and take home leftovers that can stretch for a couple of days.

Central Food is at 1335 W. Summit Parkway. Call (509) 315-8036. On the web: eatcentralfood.com and www.facebook.com/eatcentralfood.

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