Digital Mike: Wondering what your ballot looks like?

August 11, 2018


Next Tuesday is primary election day in Minnesota. I’ve seen lots of folks excited about voting, but also with lots of questions. This next site is a good helper.

My ballot

I always think it’s good to know what’s happening before you go into the ballot booth. Call me crazy! The primary is a different type of election than our general election in November, so take a moment to dial up the Minnesota Secretary of State’s “My Ballot” feature. It’s easy. Plug in your zip code and then there’s a drop down menu to plug in your street and often a range of street numbers. It’ll kick out your ballot with the local races right up to the partisan races. Know before you go.


Poll finder

This one’s the tried-and-true site that I often list at election time. Unsure where you vote? Check with the secretary of state’s poll finder. It’s the same method as the ballot feature. It’s good. Remember to check your poll hours. Most are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. but not all are.


Paint the tower

This is an oldy, but a goody. Did you remember when they painted the John Adams water tower? Check out Josh Banks’ time lapse of the effort. It’s short and sweet. Some favorites are as it’s shrouded and as the workers shimmy up and down the tower. Give it a look.


Back in action

I’m still mulling over my feelings about Garrison Keillor. His hasty exit from Prairie Home Companion work and all work with Minnesota Public Radio was alarming, as were the reports about his behavior toward women. I’ve enjoyed his writing work and some of his wit, but I’m sampling his return with tepid feelings. I came across his birthday column and enjoyed pieces of it. If you’re a fan, you might want to check it out.


Bird chick

I wrote about Bird Chick, Sharon Stiteler, more than a few years ago. I came across her writing again and was reminded how she’s a delightful person who presents information about birds very well. I’ve linked her blog. She’s got a smart view and delivers it in a good way. Plus, I’m fascinated by the birds in my trees with their interesting colors and intriguing sounds. I think you’ll enjoy her work, too. She’s got a blog, a book and don’t be surprised to hear her on statewide media.


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