MOSCOW (AP) _ Russia's lower house of parliament passed a bill Thursday that would ban smoking in many public places and place restrictions on images of smoking on television and in movies.

The bill, passed in the Duma for the third and final time, prohibits smoking in the workplace, on public transportation and on flights of less than three hours.

To become law, the bill must be approved by the upper house and signed by President Vladimir Putin.

More than half of Russians adults smoke, and officials say smoking has recently increased among children.

Images of people smoking would also be banned in movies and television programs unless smoking is an essential part of the action.

In addition, the bill prohibits the sale of tobacco to people under 18 and sets standards for nicotine and tar content. In filtered cigarettes, up to 14 milligrams of tar and 1.2 milligrams of nicotine would be allowed. In non-filtered cigarettes, 16 milligrams of tar and 1.3 milligrams would be permitted.

The bill doesn't deal with tobacco advertising, which is regulated by other measures.