Flynn sentencing hits sour note: Darcy cartoon

December 19, 2018

Flynn sentencing hits sour note: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Michael Flynn has fallen from being a highly regarded U.S. military intelligence officer to Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan wondering why he wasn’t charged with treason and instead given a sweetheart plea deal.

After Fox News hosts suggested Judge Sullivan may dismiss charges against him, Flynn’s lawyers instead requested a 90 day sentencing continuance when a “disgusted” Judge Sullivan warned Flynn that he faced incarceration, not probation. 

Flynn went from chanting “Lock Her Up” at the Republican Convention to protesters chanting “Lock Him Up” and “USA, USA” as he exited his sentencing hearing.

Flynn’s lawyers, President Trump and Trump’s propaganda channel, Fox News, grossly misjudged sentencing Judge Emmet Sullivan.

A judicial appointee of President Ronald Reagan, Sullivan rebuked the sentencing recommendations  of probation from both defense and prosecution attorneys.

Sullivan questioned the sincerity of Flynn’s guilty plea after his lawyers in a pre-sentencing filing argued he had been entrapped by the FBI.   Sullivan also was annoyed that Flynn was not charged with acting as an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey, and that he had crimminaly lied while serving in the West Wing.

“I am not hiding my disgust, my disdain for your criminal offense”, Sullivan told Flynn.  Gesturing to the American Flag in the courtroom, Sullivan said the crimes Flynn committed “undermines everything this flag over here stands for.  Arguably, you sold your country out.”

Sullivan put Flynn under oath, and under oath, Flynn rebuked the conspiracy claims by Trump, Sarah Baghdad Bob Huckabee Sanders and Trump state TV - Fox News, that the FBI entrapped him.

Flynn agreed under oath that he was guilty of the charges.  He admitted that he had known it was a crime to lie to the FBI.  He admitted he was not entrapped.

Flynn wasn’t a victim of FBI entrapment.  He was a victim of bad legal representation.   He was victim of Trump administration and Fox News legal delusions.  He was a victim of his own arrogance and greed.

Despite Flynn only facing a sentencing recommendation of probation to six years, Flynn’s lawyers poked the judicial bear with their idiotic entrapment filing, goaded on by Trump,Giuliani and Fox News.

The message Sullivan sent from the bench was lost on Sarah Baghdad Bob Huckabee Sanders who further hurt Flynn by continuing to push the entrapment talking point after the sentencing hearing.

The Trump administration and Fox News had been hyping how Sullivan had been critical of federal prosecutors in other cases.  They ignored that he also holds special contempt for corrupt public officials, especially when the corruption occurs in the West Wing.

“My guess was not one of those defendants was a high-ranking government official who while employed by the President of the United States... made false statements on the premises of and in the West Wing of the White House,” Sullivan told Flynn, referencing others who had been indicted in the Russian investigation.

It’s important to remember, that Sullivan made his comments knowing the information about Flynn that has been redacted from public view.

Flynn’s lies were far more grave, and his cooperation far more extensive than Michael Cohen.  So why is Trump calling Cohen a rat and wishing Flynn luck?

Judge Sullivan ruled against Trump administration corruption and Fox News conspiracy theories, and in favor of checks and balances.


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