NEW YORK (AP) _ Is Pierce Brosnan the new Steve McQueen?

Brosnan reprises McQueen's role in the remake of ``The Thomas Crown Affair,'' following in the footsteps of one of his favorite actors.

``For me, McQueen could do no wrong,'' Brosnan says in Sunday's Daily News. ``He was and is a unique cinematic actor.''

Still, he thinks the role of Thomas Crown, a bored, wealthy man who gets his kicks from stealing, is a better fit for him, saying McQueen ``was not comfortable in such a role.''

``It was a stretch for him,'' Brosnan said. ``I, on the other hand, have been acting in suits, it seems, all my life.''

Brosnan, best known wearing a tuxedo to perfection in his James Bond movies, costars with Rene Russo in the remake directed by John McTiernan. He also has another Bond film in the can. ``The World is Not Enough'' opens in November.