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Quotes From Impeachment Hearing

November 20, 1998

Quotes from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee:

``Indeed, the evidence suggests that the president repeatedly tried to thwart the legal process in the (Paula) Jones case and the grand jury investigation. That is not a private matter. The evidence further suggests that the president, in the course of these efforts, misused his authority and power as president and contravened his duty to faithfully execute the laws. That, too, is not a private matter.″ _ Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in his opening statement.

``Do we still have a government of laws and not of men? Does the law apply to some people with force and ferocity while the powerful are immune? Do we have one set of laws for the officers and another for the enlisted? Should we?″_ Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill.

``You can ask, obviously, all the questions that you want. But usually if a witness believes that he or she has been mistreated, if her rights have been violated, there’s a place to go. And it’s called a courthouse.″ _ Starr, responding to allegations that Monica Lewinsky’s civil rights were infringed during the investigation.

``The hearing today is not a trial. It is not White House vs. Starr. Nor is it Republican vs. Democrat.″ _ Hyde.

``I cannot for the life of me understand, Mr. Chairman, why we would gag and bound the counsel for the White House, the counsel for the president, which goes against every single grain in the history of America.″ Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, during debate over how much time President Clinton’s attorney David Kendall would have to question Starr.

``Mr. Starr, you’re the expert at unfair questions.″ _ Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., in heated exchange with Starr.

``The innate and sound wisdom of the American people that lying about an extramarital affair should not lead to the removal of a duly elected president from office is far more in keeping with the founding fathers’ visions of impeachment than your legalistic arguments, Mr. Starr.″ _ Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

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