Phil Meador Subaru donates nearly $11,000 to local charity

May 4, 2019

POCATELLO — Phil Meador Subaru presented a check of $10,801 to Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center as part of Subaru’s “Share the Love” event on April 26.

The event, which ran from November to mid-January, is part of a nationwide program in which Subaru donates $250 for every Subaru sold between a designated time frame to charities across the country. The Meadors contributed an additional $50 for each car sold.

This year, the Pocatello Subaru dealership chose the local charity Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center for customers to donate to if they wished.

“The customers don’t have to choose the local charity we pick,” said Brian Johnston, general sales manager of Phil Meador Subaru in Pocatello. “They can choose national charities as well, but most people like to support local. We are a tight-knit little place, so it’s awesome to see how they like to support local charities.”

The Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center on the Idaho State University campus is a non-profit and relies entirely on donations to run. It provides family services such as free pregnancy tests, sexual risk avoidance materials, education and information on different topics and more, all of which are free.

“We are so grateful to the community and their outreach to us,” said Janet Wright, executive director of Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center. “The support in our community for (us) has just been overwhelming, and how Phil Meador Subaru stepped up and chose us as their non-profit really speaks volumes to us that they care about what we do and that it’s important.”

Wright said the donation will be used to jump-start new limited ultrasound services for their clients, and is gearing toward having it up and running by the end of 2019.

The decision to go medical came as a result of their clients asking if they offered ultrasound imaging.

“We do referrals, but they are out of town quite a ways,” Wright said. “With this, all our services are free, so the ultrasounds will be free as well. We are excited to have this kick-start from the money that has been donated to us so we can advance the services to our community.”

Johnston said they chose to go with Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center this year due to the situation of previous customers.

“This year, Jared felt very compassionate about it from a previous customer, and we chose this charity,” he said. “The cool thing about Hope and Compassion is that it was started by two local people in 2011 by two gals here in town. It’s not funded by state or city or government, everything is donation only.”

In the course of its 11 years, Subaru’s “Share the Love” program has donated a total amount of more than $140 million since its inception. This year, they’ve donated nearly $25 million to national and local charities, with $14 million of that going to local charities across the nation.