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Toy Stolen from Infant’s Grave

December 17, 1985

STAFFORD, Conn. (AP) _ A teddy bear that comforted a baby boy through his short life in an incubator has been stolen from the infant’s grave.

″The people who did this cannot know the pain of losing a child,″ said Irene Rolfe, a friend of the family of Kevin Bull.

The teddy bear was given to Kevin at birth, and stayed with the boy through his two-month fight for life in an incubator at Newington Children’s Hospital.

When Kevin died in October the teddy bear, clutching a red silk rose, was enclosed in a glass case that served as a headstone at the infant’s grave.

The toy ″brought so much comfort to Kevin,″ said Ms. Rolfe.

Karen Bull discovered the empty case on her daily visit to her son’s grave last week, according to Ms. Rolfe.

Kevin, born with a fatal bone disease, was the only child of Karen and Douglas Bull of Stafford. Ms. Rolfe’s son-in-law made the glass case to house the bear at the Staffordville Cemetery. The thief had to cut away the bottom of the case to remove the bear.

Ms. Rolfe has searched the woods around the cemetery for the teddy, but found no trace. She said the Bulls will not press charges against the thief if the bear is returned.

If the thieves stole the teddy because they could not afford one, Ms. Rolfe said she will buy a replacement in exchange for Kevin’s bear.

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