‘True’ wireless headphones feature long battery life

January 25, 2019

For many athletes, a pair of wireless headphones is as essential a part of the workout as a water bottle or running shoes. Listening to music or podcasts enhances the experience — whether you’re in the gym or out on the trails.

But many wireless Bluetooth headphones do indeed have a wire, connecting one earbud to the other. If you want to truly feel free when exercising, it’s time to cut the cord completely, and the Under Armour True Wireless Flash ($169) can help you do it.

Under Armour teamed up with JBL to create these totally wireless earbuds that offer excellent sound quality. They’re waterproof and rugged enough to handle the sweat and abuse, and with three silicone “wings” to choose from, you’ll be able to find a snug fit for your ear.

While outside, it’s nice to be able to hear what’s going on around you as well, and with the Ambient Aware function you can do just that. The Talk-Thru feature allows you to easily and quickly lower the volume and at the same time amplify the speech of your training partner so you can have a conversation.

With 25-hour battery life, they will get you through the toughest workouts, and the aluminum charging case keeps them safe and secure when they’re not in your ears.

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