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Navy Base Boots MTV for Catholic TV

August 29, 1996

POINT MUGU, Calif. (AP) _ Madonna won’t be writhing on TV screens at this Navy base anymore.

The commander of Point Mugu Naval Air Weapons Station has pulled the plug on MTV in favor of Eternal World Television Network, a Catholic network.

``How can they do this?″ asked resident Camille Echeverry. ``I love MTV. My husband and I love to watch music videos. Why don’t we have any choice in this?″

Capt. Stephen Beal ordered the cancellation along with several others following a survey of 1,100 Navy households in which 17 of 107 respondents said MTV should be cut.

``Once you give a privilege, you have to make some decisions,″ said base spokesman Alan Alpers. ``In this case, we have a finite number of channels and we try to offer a mix which meets the needs of our viewership.″

Two other religion channels were added, as were other channels like The History Channel and Lifetime. Still, some want their MTV.

``Just because adults don’t like it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have it,″ Nolan Smith, 15, complained. ``It’s not fair.″

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