Need to elect leaders of humanitarian efforts

May 1, 2019

Separating children from their parents in the abrupt and forceful way done at our border will likely result in permanent damage to thousands of children’s health and behavior. These families must be reunited within six months as has been ordered. Also, proposing to reunite children with their families and then imprisoning them for months or years in jails or detention centers is no solution, nor is forcing them to return to the violence and danger they risked their lives to flee.

The conditions experienced by some of these families is unimaginable. We could be doing more to help humanitarian and democratic organizations in the countries from which these families are fleeing. We have the knowledge and resources to do the right thing for children everywhere, here and abroad. Let’s elect people who are willing to lead us to humanitarian efforts.

Dorothy Gamble

Santa Fe

First straws, then bottles?

Straws. It’s really great that many restaurants have changed to paper straws.

Single-use water bottles are a much greater threat to oceans and to whales and fish who eat plastic. The oceans are filled with plastic and we have learned that fish and, clearly, whales eat plastic because they’re hungry, get filled up and can’t eat food. I am sure they are confused as we are when we see them filled up on plastic detritus. It is a very sad story to see whales, big mammals like us, die this way.

Buying cartons of plastic water bottles must be more expensive than installing a filter system on your sink. And then you could refill a reusable bottle or two every day to carry with you. Maybe that’s not the convenience you’re used to. But think seriously about the oceans and the whales.

Peggy Abbott

Santa Fe

Connecting generations

A “must read” section of the Santa Fe New Mexican for me is Friday’s Generation Next: For and By Teens. Very few newspapers faithfully produce such editorial content. This newspaper is to be commended for this effort.

I am a senior, some would say. I hang out with seniors. I enjoy their perspective on our society. But I look to Generation Next to reawaken my connections to younger members of our community. And, I am impressed! The writers comment on a great many issues that cross all generations, and their writing enables me to get some different views on these matters.

In one article a few years back, the author wrote about having read a novel about the American Revolution. The novel was about a young person living in the turmoil of revolution, Johnny Tremain. And I remember exactly how important that novel was to me in junior high school 70 years ago! What a connection to today’s youth.

The academic year is near an end. I wish each of this year’s writers the best in the future. I am confident that their participation in society will make my life better. I look forward to reading the columns of those who write next year. I want especially to acknowledge the efforts of the editors and staff of The New Mexican for this weekly feature.

Bill Pollock

Santa Fe

No to scooters

Because Santa Fe has numerous unskilled drivers who repeatedly do not use their simple turn signals and routinely run red lights, allowing scooters here in town should be a no-brainer (“Electronic scooters in Santa Fe? Not so fast.,” Our View, April 14). We have the worst drivers in the entire USA and they all know who they are.

Alicia J. Arany

Santa Fe