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After On-Air Shower, Is Mayor’s Re-Election Race Down the Drain?

October 28, 1995

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Mayor Frank Jordan says he has nothing to hide and is ``squeaky clean.″ So when two radio disc jockeys dared him to shower with them, he jumped right in. In front of cameras.

``Everyone’s initial reaction will be, what a bizarre choice of something to do _ like Dukakis getting on the tank,″ political consultant Paul Ambrosino said, referring to a much ridiculed moment in Michael Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign.

Newspapers greeted San Francisco voters Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with the sight of their beaming mayor and his gleaming white torso, naked down to the crop line of the front-page photographs.

Radio disc jockeys Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps knocked on the door of Jordan’s home Friday morning, claiming a survey showed that a group shower with them would gain the mayor 25,000 votes.

Jordan, an ex-cop whose charisma _ or lack thereof _ often is compared unfavorably to that of leading opponent Willie Brown, surprised even the DJs by agreeing.

``It was funny,″ Jordan told the San Francisco Chronicle after soaping up with his visitors, belting out ``My Way″ with them and scrubbing one’s back.

``People have been saying this is a dull campaign, and I thought I’d put some life in it and show I have a sense of humor and that I was an elected official with nothing to hide,″ Jordan said.

Jordan and Brown, the ex-state Assembly speaker, have been running neck and neck in the race, with ex-federal housing official Roberta Achtenberg coming on strong in the last weeks. The election is Nov. 7.

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