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Opposition Candidates Register for February Election

September 30, 1989

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ Violeta Barrios de Chamorro registered Friday as the presidential candidate of an opposition coalition that will be President Daniel Ortega’s main competition in the Feb. 25 elections.

Mrs. Chamorro, publisher of the opposition newspaper La Prensa, arrived at the Supreme Electoral Council with a 15-vehicle caravan of supporters.

″We’re going to win,″ she told reporters as she registered as the candidate of the United National Opposition.

Lawyer Virgilio Godoy was registered as the vice presidential candidate of the 14-party alliance.

Running for re-election with Ortega on the Sandinista slate is Vice President Sergio Ramirez.

Friday was the closing day for registrations and other candidates signing the forms were Isidro Tellez, presidential nominee of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Action Movement, and his vice presidential running mate Carlos Cuadra.

Other presidential candidates are Erick Ramirez of the Social Christian Party and Eduardo Molina of the Democratic Conservative Party.

Mrs. Chamorro, 59, said she would register to vote on Sunday, the first of four Sundays designated in October for Nicaragua’s 1.9 million eligible voters to sign up for the general election.

Joao Baena Soares, secretary-general of the Organization of American States, arrived Thursday to meet with government and party officials. He will observe the voter registration process Sunday in Managua and the cities of Leon and Granada.

The United National Opposition has registered candidates for 83 of 90 National Assembly seats at stake.

The left-wing Sandinistas have governed Nicaragua since the civil war that ousted rightist President Anastasio Somoza in July 1979.