Main events surrounding Israel's botched assassination of a Hamas leader in Jordan, based in part on Israeli media reports:

_July 30: Suicide bombing in a Jerusalem market kills 18 people, including the two assailants from the Islamic militant group Hamas.

_Aug. 19: Three Israeli Mossad agents fly to Jordan on Canadian passports and check into an Amman hotel.

_Sept. 4: Three Hamas suicide bombers kill themselves and eight others in a Jerusalem pedestrian mall.

_Sept. 25: Two Mossad agents inject Hamas strategist Khalid Mashaal with poison in Amman. They are captured by Mashaal's bodyguard. Netanyahu sends Mossad chief to Amman with an antidote for the poison.

_Sept. 27: Hussein phones Clinton for help in getting a written formula for the antidote to assure it is not another poison. The antidote saves Mashaal's life.

_Sept. 29: Netanyahu secretly meets in Jordan with Crown Prince Hassan; Israel says it will release Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin.

_Oct. 1: Israel flies Yassin to Jordan, citing his failing health and saying it is responding to a Jordanian request.

_Oct. 3: Mashaal returns home from the hospital. Canada recalls ambassador to Israel to protest use of forged Canadian passports by Mossad.

_Oct. 4: Jordan demands the release of more Jordanian and Palestinian prisoners.

_Oct. 6: Mossad agents return to Israel, Yassin is allowed to return to Gaza, and 20 Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners are released.

_Oct. 7: Yassin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat meet in Gaza, and the Hamas leader offers Israel a conditional truce.

_Oct. 8: Arafat and Netanyahu meet for the first time in eight months.