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Man Dies After Setting Fire To Himself, Police Say

August 26, 1987

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) _ A man distraught over losing his girlfriend apparently set himself ablaze with gasoline after she fought off his ″birthday present″ - a knife attack, police said.

The man’s remains were found in a ravine Tuesday afternoon by firefighters who had responded to the blaze in brush and trees, which apparently started when the man ignited gasoline he poured on himself.

″It looks like a suicide at this point, unless we find out otherwise from the medical examiner,″ said police Capt. Tim Johnson.

The man’s identity was not immediately disclosed, pending an autopsy Wednesday.

Detective Lt. Roy Gleason said the man’s former girlfriend told officers she had agreed to meet the man after he told her he wanted to give her a birthday present. She had turned 20 on Sunday.

Gleason said the two went in her car to a secluded spot. They fought over a knife he had, and she finally threw the knife from the car, Gleason said. He said the man got out of the car and she drove away.

The two had been dating for about four years, and she broke off the relationship eight months ago, Gleason said.

The woman returned to the scene to be interviewed by police.

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